Scott Targowski

CT Virtual Golf is proud to team with Class A PGA member, Scott Targowski. Scott currently serves as Head Golf Professional at Heritage Village Country Club in Southbury, CT. He has been teaching golf for 20 years and works with golfers of all skill levels. Lessons rates are $100 per hour. 
Scott’s Philosophy: “Every person is different. We have different arm lengths, waist sizes, body types, hand strength, muscle development, physical limitations, etc. Teaching one golf swing to everyone is simply not practical.

Every individual has an idea of what the golf swing is and what they want there’s to be. The key word is “individual”. No two golfers are alike, and therefore no two swings are alike. For that reason no two golf lessons are alike.

I believe in starting with core fundamentals of “PGA”, posture, grip and alignment. Starting with the basics gets everyone heading in the right direction to become better ball strikers and make the game more enjoyable. The golf swing is different for everyone except for the fact that the club need to be in a good position at the top of the backswing which will allow for a better down swing to make good solid contact.

Each “individual” has a goal in mind, whether it is to become a great player or become a better player making the game more enjoyable. I like to focus on achieving there goal.

The golf swing is an ever evolving experience, let’s have fun and get better in the process.”

Improve your game today!

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