Your booking reserves a private gaming room for your and your guests. Booking are $34/hour weekdays, $44/hour weekends. Rates are per room, not per person. Your booking includes access to our entire Gaming Library. Our gaming coordinators will assist you and your guests throughout your session to ensure the best experience. 


OUR GAming rooms
are equipped with

  • An HTC VIVE headset, the industry standard.
  • A 16′ x 9′ projection screen for spectating.
  • HDTV, surround sound, Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Access to our entire Gaming Library

Frequently Asked Questions

What does each gaming room consist of?

Each of our gaming rooms are private, 27′ x 20′ in size and are all equipped with an HTC VIVE headset.  Each room contains a 16′ x 9′ projection screen showing a live feed of what each player is seeing, allowing everyone to spectate.

how many guests can we accommodate?

Most of our games are typically 2-4 minutes in duration so your guests will be switching headset often. We suggest 1-4 people per gaming room to ensure everyone has ample gaming time.

What games do you offer?

Click Here to view our current gaming library. Our gaming list includes experiences for all ages and skill levels.